Truck full of fireworks explodes as Bonfire Night display turns into ‘carnage’

A Bonfire Night firework display turned into “carnage” as a truck packed with fireworks exploded when a hot end landed in it – the £20 event in Dorset was being attended by hundreds of people

A Bonfire Night firework display that cost £20 to get into has been branded “complete shambles” as it ended in the explosion of a truck full of fireworks.

Dramatic footage captures the moment a hot end from one of the fireworks landed in the bed of a tipper truck during the event in Dorset, which was attended by hundreds of people.

People watched in horror as some flew off into the crowd and one eyewitness described it as “carnage” as everyone fled from danger.

Fireworks exploded from the truck for about three minutes before marshals were able to get the blaze under control.

As the fireworks finished exploding an announcer told the crowd: “That was not quite scheduled to happen. Did you enjoy that? You aren’t going to see that anywhere else.”

Aaron Orchard, from Abbotswood in Hampshire, attended the banger racing and fireworks event with his partner Fay Lucas and captured the disaster on camera.

He said there were a lot of people crammed into the event at Matchams, Dorset, which cost £20 a ticket.

The 22-year-old, who runs a gardening business, said: “Last year there was a few fireworks that went into the crowds so I said to my partner I don’t think we should take her daughter.

“As they were setting up for the fireworks I said I thought it was looking dodgy as the rockets were facing all over the place.

“The firework display had only been going for about four or five minutes when the truck caught fire.

“The announcer said a hot end from one of the fireworks landed in the bed of the truck. Some were flying off into the crowd and exploding. I was told a baby got hit by one.

“The van just exploded and chucked up like mushroom clouds and everybody just started running.

“It just turned into carnage, people were hurting each other trying to get out the way.

“There were hundreds of cars parked about 30 metres from where it happened so fireworks were hitting cars and everyone was running away from the fence.

“The whole thing was a complete shambles. I’ve never heard of anything like it.

“It was crazy.”

Another eyewitness said after it happened the organisers apologised for what happened and said if anyone had any injuries to get them checked.

A Dorset fire service spokesman said they attended at 9.23pm but the fire had already been extinguished when they arrived.